Sunday, June 24, 2012


Summer is here and it is HOT-HOT-HOT.  Along with the heat, some big changes have arrived.  I am officially unemployed.  I have mixed feeling about this as I loved my job, and my designers...I will miss them, however a huge weight has lifted and for the first time in several months, I do not feel like I have ADD.  I will be spending the summer concentrating on my mother and my family.  It has come time to move mom into an acute nursing facility. With a heavy heart  my father, sister and I will start the process of interviewing and touring local facilities to find the best place for her to live.  I am anxious, scared and reluctant to move her.  She has been very content for the last year in her current memory care facility.  However, due to the fact that mom is no longer ambulatory, state law dictates she go to a facility that can assist her in case of fire or other emergency.  Also, her needs have progressed to the point where she must have full time care with the simplest of tasks.  My hope is that once we establish where she will be, the move will be smooth and with as minimal impact on mom as possible.  The milestones are passing more quickly now, and yet I am never emotionally prepared.

As one would expect, changes are occurring within our household too.  Dad's house in on the market and we hope it sells soon.  The idea is for dad to move in with us, and we find a new home, in a good public school system to renovate and move in to.  I am nervously waiting for this to happen.  School starts sooner than later.  Dad and I have been saying prayers for St. Joseph to confer with the BIG guy for intervention and help get his house sold.  I am also wishing on stars and crossing my fingers.  You never know what might work - so I am throwing it all out to the cosmos.  On a happy note, Dominick is finally not scared to submerge his face in the water.  He is showing signs that he will indeed be a swimmer!  Whew.  I was deeply worried that he would be the only teenager wearing floaties at the pool party.  I am convinced that he will be the only teenager still eating chicken nuggets, but that is story for another day.  I am hopeful that my time off from work will give us the opportunity to spend at the pool, and work on those water skills.  

Our annual trip to Hilton Head is coming mid-July and all attempts top shape up and slim down have been thwarted by laziness and peanut brittle.  My intentions are good, but my will is weak.  Throwing out a prayer for strength against temptations too - but I honestly think that the cosmos is laughing at me these days. And speaking of the beach...I have fallen back in love with my old home in South Florida - Delray Beach.  It is a sweet little place and it feels good to be there.  I love spending all weekend on a bike, just enjoying the ocean breeze.  I am blessed with fantastic friends there too.  My fantasy world has me, Tim, Dominick and Nicole living there during the school year, and then running to the mountains for the summer.  I even have a business plan that could make this a reality.  What I do not have it business capital and the support of my husband.  Tim is far too rooted in reality for his own good.  Buzz kill.

Now that I find myself with time on my hands, I hope to be more diligent with my blog.  My art, dancing, my writing have taken a back seat to so many other, very important things through the years.  I just need to remember to take a little time out and indulge myself.  With all these changes, a little break will help me to navigate through the tough times, and also help me to appreciate all those good moments in life.  After all, I have a lot to be thankful for.  

Kisses sweeties...Jenn XO

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