Saturday, April 23, 2011


I was going to title this latest blog, "Helpless and Overwhelmed - The Plight of a Working Mother", but then I thought that would be insulting to those moms who are considered  'stay at home' mothers.  I got caught up wondering how the term 'stay at home mother' even started.  Back in the day, most mothers did stay at home.  The term 'working mom' just does not cut it either.  Mother's, whether employed or not, are always working.  There are pluses and minuses to both options. I know it feels like I am always working.  Prior to leaving the house each morning, I have made a breakfast, packed a lunch, helped dress my child, made sure his hair is combed, his teeth are brushed, and has his backpack.  All the while, I slugged down a cup of coffee and tried to make proper order of my own hair, face, teeth and clothing.   I then drive up the highway to drop him off at school, only to get back in my car to start my work day.  Whew!  I am tired just reading all that.   Those of you with no children have heard us breeders complain how tiring it is juggling work and parenting.   I know, I wanted a child and I am not complaining.  Really. But after my work day,  there is no kicking back and relaxing, no meeting the crew for a drink after work.  I play Lego's, read books, wrestle, cook dinner, oversee a bath, read more books, and get my child to bed.  Actually, this is the best part of my day.  I get to experience my kid in his element, and watch his imagination at work.  I am rewarded when my son snuggles his warm little body next to me and we read a bedtime book or two.  Once the lights go out, I do my thing - catch up on work, facebook, or  my favorite show True Blood.  I amuse myself with this blog, read the Kindle, connect with my husband.  This is important time.  This is the 2 hour window I get before I fall on my face and sleep, only to wake to do it all over again. 

What was I doing before I had this kid?  I hardly remember.  See, God is smart.  He makes you forget the pain of childbirth so that you will continue to reproduce, and he helps you forget the kind of fun you had before children.  Sometimes I am jealous of my single friends.  They don't have circles under their eyes from a long night of taking care of a sick child.  They can afford good shoes because they are not sacrificing to pay for private school.  Also, they have never had the theme song to Blues Clues stuck in their head for hours on hours.  Most go to the gym regularly and are size 6's.  After I lost most my baby weight, I gained back 10 pounds just from eating leftover mac-n-cheese and chicken fingers as a steady diet.  That left me with 20 pounds to lose to get back to pre-baby weight.  I am now 5 pounds away from that goal.  On top of that, I am 47 years old, and there are occasional hot flashes, memory lapses and strange skin issues.  I can meet a client for lunch, dig through my purse for my wallet, pull out several Star Wars action figures, Lego pieces, and a couple of Hot Wheel cars, all while having a hot flash, and talking shop.  That my friend, is what I call multitasking. 

A couple of weeks ago, I forgot that the coming week was spring break and that school was closed.  On Sunday night, I made sure Dominick was bathed, we read a book and he went to bed.  I went to the kitchen and packed his lunch as usual.  Later, I called my father to tell him that we would visit him after I picked up Dominick from school.  Somewhere in the wee hours of morning I woke up with the realization that there was no school that week and I had not secured childcare, and I had to work.  Yep, I am "that" mom.  Fortunately, Tim and I were able to handle the days by spitting shifts and it all worked out.  You would have thought I had learned my lesson, but school is out in a month and I am just now starting to look for summer camps.  Why?  I forgot that school actually ended.  In my head, pre-kindergarten is camp.  Yep.  I hope that Dominick will have enough gumption to apply for colleges within the designated time period once that time comes.  Apparently he can't rely on me, plus I will be 60 years old (ouch).  I must be doing something right though.  Dominick's teachers tell me his vocabulary is off the charts for a child his age.  They report he is always polite, is never snarky, and is a well liked child among his peers.  I am proud of him.  He is a well adjusted, cool little kid.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  Good job mommy.  

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