Sunday, May 11, 2014

It has been a long, long time since I last blogged.  Today, Mother's Day 2014, I revisited my Twitter account, and this blog.  I am making a commitment to myself to start writing, reconnecting and shaking things up again.  I will once again take to the page and indulge myself.  

When last I blogged, I was very sad.  My mother had passed away, and I was learning how to cope with a loss that large in my world.  Since that time, I have learned that when you love that deeply, the love never leaves.  I feel mom everywhere.  We talk in my dreams.  I have felt her arms around me.  

Holy cow - I am 50.  How the heck did I make it?  Happy to say that I am 50, in love with a wonderful man, loving the adventure of mommyhood, and honored to share a home with my father.

Work?  I am back in the trenches. This time around I am building a team of sales people to go out and spread the good word of RT London.  It is a great company and it is exciting work.  I feel valued and I know I am making an impact.  The best part is that I am financially able to help my family again.  The dreadful days of the economic downturn are the past.  Happy and healthfully we move forward.

So loving friends, I am back.  I hope to use this platform to expand on nagging thoughts, share memories and solve the problems of the world.  I hope you will hang out with me again.

Hugs - Jenn XOXO

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